This privacy policy shall be read in conjunction with the website published terms and conditions, and the definitions from these terms and conditions will carry to this document.

EU Cookie Directive

Normal website users are not tracked therefore cookies are not issued for such purposes.

Cookies are issued for essential website functionality including without limitation having the ability to log in, post content or create an account.


Security best practices are employed such as use of the HTTPS protocol and diverse other advanced technical security measures to keep your data safe and accurate including during transmission.

We (Ghada Feddawi McCarthy, 185 Meadow View Drogheda Co. Louth) aim to fully comply with relevant Data Protection Legislation including the GDPR. All your personal information is stored securely, but, as this is in effect a public forum, you agree that any information you submit to us by posting on the forum, and/or making an application for membership, and other information including, without limitation, any date and time of information submission shall be displayed, published or broadcast publicly and you grant us a gratis perpetual irrevocable copyright right to use this information for any purpose whatever, including, without limitation, compilation of statisics, compilation of academic and other reports, keeping of tax records, displaying on the website forum, etc., and the rule of ejusdem generis does not apply here (or anywhere in this privacy policy).

Notwithstanding this, we respect your privacy and aim not to share information with any third parties in any irrelevant way. For example, we aim never to publish your mailing address or IP address unless required to do so by law.

You shall not become a member of this forum unless you agree to both this privacy policy and the terms and conditions in full.

Complaints And Data Requests

All members of the website forum have a right to access any data held, and to update such data when it is inaccurate.

Any request to access, update or delete data should be directed to the Website Owner (Ghada Feddawi McCarthy) in writing by replying to the email address that was used to communicate with you and register you as a member of the forum, and thanks for your patience in waiting for a response.

Data requests may be subject to a fee not exceeding what is written in the relevant legislation, and will be complied with within a forty day timeframe.

Data requests will be subject to authentication and verification checks.

Information Collected And Purpose For Collection

All information available may be used for the purpose of law enforcement if any case of criminality, and will be supplied to the relevant State authorities.

ICT relevant information such as IP addresses are not stored unless there has been any detected cyber attack etc., on the website, but sometimes IP addresses are revealed incidentally, but again such information is not intentionally stored.

Email addresses are used to create a forum account, and to communicate with forum members.

Mailing addresses are used to verify that any prospective member is resident in Ireland, and, for control and security purposes, and, to form a contract between the Member and Website Owner, and, in the case of employee members, shall be recorded to comply with revenue rules for taking money payments.

Telephone numbers, where required, are used for communication and verification purposes.

Names, including without limitation business names of Members are used for verification and identification purposes, as well as to form a contract with the Website Owner.

Any information which becomes not necessary to be stored for the functioning of the business will be deleted securely, for example when the membership of any person or business ceases.

No personal data is knowingly transferred abroad, apart from whatever information is published on this website. This website is serving fonts and resources from third party servers, such as Google and WordPress, which are based in the United States and/or other countries, and such third parties may (but not necessarily actually do) have access to any machine data (like IP address) which would be revealed by your machine performing any HTTP request to this website. This is common practice in the world of web design, to serve fonts and emojiis, and is necessary for the website to function properly. To use this Website you must accept any use that these third parties make (if any) of your data, whether disclosed or undisclosed. You are free try to anonymise your data by signing out of your Google or Wordpress accounts and using a private browsing window when accessing this website, for examples, and you are free to research online what these third parties privacy policies are, e.g. "" and "".