Technical Requirements

If you have any special requirements in terms of logging in, for example if you want to use the WordPress App - please let us know.

Agreement To Contract

By using the services you agree to be bound by this contract and agree to the use of data as described in the privacy policy.

By paying for any of the services you agree to be bound by this contract and agree to the use of data as described in the privacy policy.

You shall cease to use this Website immediately if you do not agree in full to the privacy policy or these terms and conditions.

Who May Join

Any persons may apply for membership who have the legal right to work and/or seek employment, or to employ people in the Republic of Ireland (shall be referred to as Members).

By joining, you certify that you are legally allowed enter into a binding contract either on behalf of yourself or the company which you are representing.

By using this Website, you agree to be solely legally responsible for any content you post to this Website and everywhere else, however posted.

The Website Owner reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership without reason.

Members may request that their membership of the forum be cancelled at any time, and an attempt will be made to do this reasonably promptly.

Code Of Behaviour And Forum Ettiquite

The forum may be monitored and its contents shall be considered public. Any immoral, illegal, sexist, defamatory, discriminatory, insulting, racist, abusive, inciteful, or otherwise undesirable comments will result in you being banned and in certain serious circumstances you will be referred to the authorities. The Website Owner has the right to cancel your membership without giving a reason.


Members must keep their usernames and passwords securely and must not allow unauthorised persons to log in or otherwise use their account(s). Members will be responsible for whatever content posted, even content posted without their permission or authorisation.

Limit Of Liability

By joining, and/or requesting membership, even when membership is not granted, you agree that you shall hold the Website Owner harmless from any liability whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages and/or any legal liability that you may seek through the courts or some other way of redress. The rule ejusdem generis does not apply here nor anywhere in this contract. In short, you agree not to take any legal action against the Website Owner for any reason and you agree that the Website Owner shall not be responsible in any way for any thing that happens on this Website, including without limitation defamatory comments about you or your business, whether causing damage or otherwise, nor for any racist or abusive or otherwise discriminatory comments, or causing loss of earnings, or anything else that may give rise to any dispute whether morally justified or not. You shall not take any court case against the Website Owner and notwithstanding that you shall be responsible for and pay in full and on time any and all legal fees that you cause the Website Owner to incur, or any other fees.

You agree that the Website Owner shall not be responsible for any Website content including without limitation the forum content, under any and all circumstances. You agree that the Website Owner shall not be responsible for any external content hyperlinked to from this Website. Your use of this Website is solely at your own risk. Appropriate and extensive measures have been taken to prevent viruses, malicious code, hacking and eavesdropping, etc., but you acknowledge and agree in any and all circumstances the Website Owner shall not be responsible for any kind of damage to you or your business or the business you represent including without limitation personal injury, defamation, malicious code causing damage, etc., even if the Website Owner was aware of the presence of such, or not.

By joining, and/or requesting membership, you agree and understand that all services are provided "as is" and "as available", without any guarantees nor any representations that any service provided here is fit or suitable for any particular purpose.

By paying any money, you agree and understand that all payments are non-refundable including without limitation where an employer does not find a suitable employment candidate, or even if the employer is not registered on the system for any reason including without limitation Force Majeure, bankruptcy, death of the Website Owner, etc. In any case where money has been paid the money shall be regarded as a gift until such time as the service can be performed, even if the performance of that service (e.g. registration for three months membership on the forum, etc.,) does not occur ever. In any case it shall be impossible to establish a debt, namely, the Website Owner shall not ever be regarded as owing you any money even after payment for any service and that service has not been performed. Notwithstanding this, the Website Owner will endeavour to perform the service in a timely manner.

Regardless of who you are, the Website Owner reserves the right to suspend or cancel your membership without any reason. This is solely at the discretion of the Website Owner and you shall not seek any damages of any kind for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation for the recouping of paid money or monies. In the case where you have paid any money for a service and that service period has not been fully provided or performed, then you shall regard the money as non-refundable and forfeited and applicable for the reduced service period even if the service period is of very short or zero duration.

The Website Owner is not responsible for the conduct of employers or employees or prospective employers or employees. You are solely resonsible for any and all decisions you are making in relation who you hire or who you work for. You should perform due diligence before you make a decision. It shall be solely the Employer's responsibility to verify qualifications claimed by any Job seeking candidate, and in no way the responsibility of the Website Owner under any circumstances. It is solely the Employer's responsibility to ensure jobseeking candidates are suitably qualified and entitled to work, etc. The Website owner shall not be liable in any way for information provided by jobseekers whether false or otherwise. You are solely responsible to ensure that you are in compliance with the law including without limitation in relation to who you can and can't hire or work for. If for example an employer or an employee becomes in any way problematic to work with and/or for example does something undesirable or damaging to you or your company this is 100% you or your company's responsibility and shall in no way be the responsibility of the Website Owner.

Any payment made to the Website Owner without demand, including without limitation any overpayment, shall be treated and regarded as a non-refundable gift at a VAT rate of 0%.

There is no guarantee that Jobseekers will find an employer even after registering their details.

Fees For Employers

Employers must pay a three monthly membership fee of €350 to access the forum, ex VAT, but with VAT currently normally at the zero rate. The amount of VAT charged may change or vary for example where required in order to comply with tax rules.

Employers must pay this non-refundable fee for each three month period (or part thereof) that they wish to be a member. The fee is for membership only; there is no guarantee that you will find a suitable employee.

If more than one employee is hired arising out of contacts established from any single three monthly membership period, employers shall pay a total of €350 (ex VAT) per every additional employee hired. Failure to do so will result in such Employers being banned from future participation until fees are paid, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Notwithstanding this, no debt shall be established in the case of non-payment, but future participation will be blocked.

An IBAN and BIC will be provided by email, post, or over the phone after you register as an employer, and membership payment shall be taken in advance.

Any attempt to access the forum without having paid fees, and without permission, will result in you being banned, and, a bill being sent to you for the services rendered, at the applicable rates, which you shall pay upon demand in a reasonable timeframe.

Any future agreement you form with an employee or candidate will not be the responsibility of the Website Owner and no further fees or monies will be sought other than the three monthly membership fee.

Who We Are

EmployRefugees.com (Website) is owned and operated by Mrs Ghada Feddawi McCarthy, 185 Meadow View, Drogheda, Co. Louth (Website Owner, us, we).

In the unlikely event where you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service please telephone 00353864061111 and we will be eager to remedy amicably. If no immediate answer please leave a voicemail and thank-you for your patience in waiting for a call back, which in fringe cases may take up to three or four weeks to respond.

In the extremely unlikely case where it was not possible for you to resolve your problem though comprehensive telephone contact with us, and notwithstanding the other terms of this contract where you have agreed to hold the Website Owner harmless against legal action for any reason, only then the jurisdiction to resolve any dispute shall be the Courts and Laws of the Republic of Ireland. In relation to any dispute over any web domain name, such disputes shall first be resolved through the appropriate channels before considering resolving through the Irish Courts.

Non Severability

The presence of headings in this contract are for convenience and their presence shall not mean that this contract is in any way severable as all parts of this agreement shall be applicable in totality.

If any part of this agreement does not stand in any court this shall have no effect on any other part of this agreement which shall all remain fully applicable.

If the Website Owner for any reason does not enforce any part of this agreement, this shall not diminish the Website Owner's right(s) to make any enforcement at any other time.